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Service Upgrades

Your home’s dated electrical grid may not be able to stand up to the demands of modern appliances for long. Schedule an appointment with Moxie Electric to see how we can modernize your electrical grid.

We Can Modernize Any System

We have been creating efficient, modern, and functional systems in the Iowa Corridor for over 10 years.


Make sure that your system can operate as efficiently as possible by calling Moxie Electric. Our master electricians have extensive experience with service upgrades and can tailor your electrical system to keep up with your power usage.


Our team will analyze the electrical needs of your home or office and adjust your electrical system accordingly. You’ll never have to worry about blowing a fuse again once our team has completed your upgrade!

Upgrade now to save hassle later!

Moxie Electric can help keep your electrical system operating efficiently and your family safe with an electrical service upgrade. Our team will upgrade your electrical system’s components to make sure they don’t run the risk of becoming a fire hazard and overloading your wiring. We’ll inspect and upgrade your:


  • Panels
  • Outlets
  • Electrical grid
  • Circuit breakers

Your newly upgraded system will better stand up to your power needs without risking an overload. Contact Moxie Electric to learn more about upgrading your electrical system!

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